“Every child …

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

I find so much pure JOY and INSPIRATION from working with my young art students! I feel that i should be paying their parents to work with them. I completley understand how much fun Picasso claimed to have while working with small children making art together.

5 Must-Have Art Supplies for Preschoolers


This was a great thing to read up on regarding younger children and how the media you choose to teach the young artists really makes an impact on their development.

Originally posted on Behind the Marble Walls:

Do you want to boost your kids creativity and problem solving skills?  Preschool is a magical age in a child’s life.  There are countless articles about how important the first 5 years are for brain development.  Here’s my top five art materials for building kids’ creativity, problem solving skills, and motor skills.

  1. Sidewalk Chalk.  This gets kids outside and using their whole bodies to draw.  It is great for fine and gross motor skills, and the possibilities are endless.  My own children have spent hours creating stores, houses, boats and mazes for their bikes.
  2. Crayons.  This childhood standby always makes the list because they are colorful, readily available, and easy for kids to maneuver.  Crayons have an ability to grab onto the paper and make children’s first attempts at writing and drawing successful.  Toddlers will begin with random marks and a huge smile on their face…

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